Sunday, December 4, 2016

All About Colour

We made a graph about our favourite colour in maths and talked about this ... what a lot of learning we did about how to read the information on this.

Then we wrote stories about our favourite colour. We needed to tell people about the colour and why we liked it best.

My favourite colour is red, because it is like lava in a volcano. It is also the colour of blood.

Blue is my favourite colour because it makes me remember the sky.

Red is like the ladybirds up in the trees and like red ice-cream. Yummy ice-cream. It is yummy stuff!

I like brown because the red-nosed reindeer is brown. It can fly.

Red is like a volcano and a heart and sunburn and blood.

Orange is my favourite colour because it’s like the steaming hot sun and a scary tiger.

Orange is like the leaves falling from the tree in autumn. I help my Dad brush the leaves away. It looks beautiful, like a tower. I wonder if it will be autumn again because I like autumn.

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